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Why &#38;quot;create an idea box&#38;quot; is the worst idea that can be found in an idea box

In order to solicit the support of employees and involve them in the evolution of the company, the top management is often receptive to the idea of ​​installing this slot box in the wall that we call the idea box. At first glance, we can understand this initiative. It costs nothing and promises great things: employees write down their suggestions to improve productivity or work atmosphere, managers consult these anonymous proposals and put into practice those they consider relevant. Only here, the idea box is the typical example of the false good idea. Here's why…

The drift box?

Warning: this post will now make the box-to-bashing idea! The first controversial point concerns anonymity. You can imagine the consequences that may arise from this attribute: adversity between colleagues, false accusations, insults, jokes of a dubious taste and even threats ... You would be surprised at the ratio "good ideas / total contributions" of this box which will become very quickly that of Pandora. The second point concerns the very concept of the idea box. You will find that it catalyses problems: your employees will especially see a way to report ALL the setbacks of business life, even the most insignificant. In a few months, the box will overflow real or fantasized problems without any proposal of solution. Well, these assertions are part of a pessimistic scenario, we readily admit it. Now imagine that your company is supported by a competent and mature human capital that makes it a point of honor to advance the schmilblick.

And if we moved this coffee machine 2 meters?

Even in a perfect world, the idea box will soon show its limits. Experience shows that the overwhelming majority of submitted ideas fall into the category of "incremental improvements"; you know, those little things that make the business better ... insignificant. " What if we moved the coffee machine 2 meters to the left to bring it closer to the open-space? ". Interesting, but not revolutionary. Experience also shows that the treatment and follow-up of suggested ideas simply becomes non-existent after a few months. Management will lose credibility and the idea box will be perceived for what it really is: a simple com operation!

Simple to put in place, almost free and "physically" visible, the idea box is ultimately a simplistic and uninspired response to the symptom of lack of innovation and stagnation. Relevant ideas, hobbies and fantasies will be submitted, nothing will happen behind and everyone will return to their everyday life ... with a shorter journey to the coffee machine.



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