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Keys for Telework to be truly effective

The explosion of NICTs accelerated the emergence of new work configurations in companies. Dreamed by baby boomers and secretly hoped by Generation X, telecommuting is now a small way, driven by the desire of leaders to rationalize their cost and the quest for a better quality of life on the part of employees . Since 2012, it is registered in the labor code which guarantees two fundamentals:

  • A telework day is a day of work like any other;
  • Teleworking must have the agreement of the employee and the company.

Each company can freely define the terms and conditions. In general, telework is limited to one or two days a week with a return to the office in case of emergency. The implementation of the work requires a reflection on the organization of work in the team. Here are some good practices ...

1. Stay connected during working hours

To reassure his colleagues and superiors about his availability and his involvement, the teleworker must remain reachable by instant messaging. New technologies make it possible to organize remote videoconferencing meetings and upload / download documents.

2. Define boundaries between private and professional life

The teleworker must ensure that his work does not invite himself in his private life, especially when we know that the right to disconnect discussed today stems from a very real problem. The manager and the employee must therefore define the safeguards together.

3. Manage by objectives and ignore details

The bottom line is that the employee achieves the objectives assigned to him in a timely manner, regardless of the way in which he organizes himself. Dozens of studies have shown that an employee is 15% more efficient when teleworking!

4. Preserving team spirit

Everyone can cultivate conviviality by saying hello in the morning or sharing a coffee by videoconference. To guarantee times when all employees are present, days without telework can be envisaged.

5. Do not procrastinate

Working from home also means being surrounded by all your passions / Hobbies ... Store your musical instruments, postpone your workout, turn off your consoles and make sure you never see them. You would look foolish if you were surprised to play Sim's in a pijama while your conference vision was activated automatically!

Many other good practices can be put in place. The success of telework, however, lies above all in building a relationship of trust between the teleworker and his manager. Delivering results, meeting commitments and staying available are the spearheads of this trust. 17% of French workers have already adopted this new way of working. For those whose job does not allow work at home, it will surely become possible thanks to the rapid expansion of new technologies!


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