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Focus on connected offices

We are 95% sure that you hate your workspace, which is far from an unjustified prognosis. According to a study by Steelcase and Ipsos, only 5% of French people enjoy their workspace, compared to an international average of 13%. The causes are classic and predictable: lack of comfort, lack of mobile tools, "cold" and impersonal workspace. And when we know that we spend between 30 and 40 hours a week in this space that we do not cherish, the discovery becomes particularly problematic. This will then have an impact on our productivity, our well-being and our fulfillment. For many, the connected office could be part of the solution. Here is our selection!

# 1 Stir Kinetic Desk: A little technological marvel

Clean and futuristic design, manipulable while sitting or standing, ultra-functional and intuitive. This Stir Kinetic Desk is a little gem that impresses as much as the service. Bet won for Stir Works, which had to embark on a long R & D marathon to achieve this feat. Stir Kinetic Desk is a workspace that takes the form of a table for 6 people with a touch screen that allows you to control its movements. This office is equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth and has hydraulic feet that allow the user to change its height. A good alternative for deciding with an excessive sedentary lifestyle that has a negative impact on your health! The Stir Kinetic Desk is trading at $ 2,990 (to be imported from the US).

The Rubix Pod wants you well

Put it in a corner of your office and it will amaze you! This pod is a kind of wellness assistant that measures continuously and in real time some 12 ambient parameters to boost your experience. Temperature, humidity, light intensity, noise ... The Rubix Pod is also able to identify the different sources of nuisances such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), allergens, odors and thus help their remediation. It is therefore the ideal ally for HR managers who can map the comfort of working environments in a comprehensive and individualized way.

Selective listening: you dreamed about it, Arta Group did it

The Rubix Pod has detected an insistent noise? The Arta group has the solution! This French group specializing in "auditory personalization" will perhaps upset the world of open space with its invention that has toured the world after its presentation at CES 2017. It is an integrated micro electronics and discrete integrating speaker, microphone and Talk Through and ANR systems. It allows you to deploy selective listening by eliminating certain types of noise to make its sound sort. Especially useful in animated open spaces, this intelligent assistant also offers real-time automatic translation capabilities. The Norman group will however have competition: IBM has recently partnered with young German Bragi to develop a similar tool.


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