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Although they are the most eloquent components, wages and bonuses are not the only elements of remuneration. Indeed, social benefits are excellent catalysts for retaining high potential. It would be a shame to deprive ourselves when we know that large groups do not skimp on the means to pamper their best employees. Focus on these provisions that improve the financial situation of employees.

# 1 Holiday vouchers to boost productivity at pickup

Your employees benefit from an annual vacation provided by law. And if you put in your little grain of salt? Improving the vacation of an employee is probably the best way to boost productivity at recovery. In companies with more than 50 employees, it is up to the Works Council to offer vouchers, reduced rates and holidays at broken prices. These small holiday vouchers to pay for transportation, hotels, restaurants, campgrounds and amusement parks will do their bit.

# 2 Health is priceless

Do your employees multiply payday advance requests to cover health costs? It may be time to provide additional coverage to cover their membership fee. This type of collective health contract is highly appreciated by employees: it reduces or cancels their contribution, offers lower group rates than individual contracts, improves response times and often entitles them to high level benefits. .

# 3 Tax-free savings

This term which makes the news gathers several mechanisms intended to help your employees to constitute a tax-free savings. It is :

  • Profit sharing: mandatory for companies with more than 50 employees who are over three years old. It allows employees to benefit from part of the profits made by the company. Blocked for 5 years, it becomes tax free. The employee can, however, put an end to this blockage on the occasion of a marriage, a birth, a divorce, a purchase of a principal residence, etc. ;
  • Incentive: This additional salary is based on the results of the company. The employee can touch it directly or pay it into a PEE;
  • The PEE: it allows payments to be made within a quarter of the annual remuneration. Fonds sécurité, obligations, actions ... the employee has the freedom to choose the most advantageous type of fund.

Other benefits may come to improve the current or future financial situation of your employees: the PERCO retirement scheme, the company crèche, the reductions practiced on goods and services marketed by the company ...


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