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The best bosses in the world

If you are a manager, a supervisor or a business leader, you probably know that the challenge is above all to be respected, not necessarily to be loved. But here's a secret: you can cumulate both qualifiers! The bosses that we will present in this short paper have also understood. Let's go…

# 1 Zuckerberg, "best boss in the world"

In a parallel world, all employees approve the decisions of their boss. According to Glassdoor.com, this parallel world would respond to the name of ... Facebook! In fact, a survey conducted by the well-known business rating platform highlighted the success of Zuckerberg's decisions with his employees. And the score is almost Soviet: 99%! With such approval, Mr. Facebook is theoretically the "best boss in the world".

# 2 Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe from SAP

SAP's top management could easily have taken the lead in the Glassdoor study. Indeed, Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe, co-CEO, both garnered 99% positive responses from their employees. To score with Zuckerberg, Glassdoor had to push the cap to the decimal! "McDermott and Snabe are appreciated for their way of communicating, but also because of the global aura of SAP," said Samantha Zupan, spokesperson for Glassdoor.

# 3 Alain Afflelou: the favorite boss of the French

In France, a trio garnered the favor of employees during the Capital-Advent survey conducted at the end of 2015. They include optician Alain Afflelou, grocer Michel-Edouard Leclerc and geek Xavier Niel. . Their common point? A charisma that leaves no one indifferent. The favorite bosses of the French met for a photo shoot upstream of the release of the special issue of Capital. What could they have talked about? Housing and transportation ... like everyone else! "Where do you live now? ", Alain Afflelou launched to Xavier Niel, his former neighbor villa. The optician mainly benefited from the positive effects of his communication strategy with 73% of positive opinions from the French. A great performance when you know that the general public is becoming more and more "hostile" to front-end advertising. Michel-Edouard Leclerc and Xavier Neil respectively receive 72% and 71% of positive opinions.

#Bonus: these bosses too nice!

  • Lee McAteer, head of the Manchester Invasion travel agency, rewarded his employees by turning their office into a giant 350m2 ball pool to accommodate 120,000 balls! A kid's dream offered by this magical boss that makes us more than jealous.
  • Mark Cebba is the CEO of the Net-A-Porter Group was offered a surprise by his thousands of employees. We do not know what he did, but considering the surprise, he looks really great!
  • Gunnar Engellau, president of Vovo in the late 1950s, had lost his friend in a car accident. He hired an engineer to solve the problem of driving safety. As a result, the modern seatbelt will be invented and equipped for all Volvo ... and competing cars. Engellau had indeed refused to patent the invention to democratize it, free of charge;
  • At the beginning of the 19th century, Marguerite Boucicaut decided to divide the capital of the Bon Marché between the employees, having no descendants. She will also leave 17 million francs of her personal fortune to her employees, and distribute the rest to Public Assistance;
  • J. Paul Austin, head of Coca-Cola, threatened to cease operations in Atlanta if the city did not honor Martin Luther King, freshly honored with the Nobel Prize in 1964. The very "white" Atlanta will bow down ...
  • Dan Price, founder of the young producer Gravity Payments, arrived at his company's office one day with the idea of ​​lowering his salary by 90% and giving his 120 employees an annual minimum wage of $ 70,000. Some studies consider it the pecuniary threshold to achieve happiness!



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